Additional Resources for Home Sellers

Selling your home can be stressful. Where do I start? What is Home Advice for Selling Your Homemy home worth? How can I make my home more valuable? What is the best way to attract buyers? These may be just a few of the questions you have when it comes to selling your home. Getting reliable home advice is always helpful. Below are some resources to help answer some of your questions and, hopefully, ease some of your worries.

Resources and Home Advice for Sellers:


Pricing your home.

Free Quick Online Home Evaluation: Find out what your home is worth by answering a few easy questions.

Pricing your Home: Learn more about home value and the research you can do to price your home effectively.

How to Read Housing Market Stats: A breakdown of economic jargon that can make the housing market confusing and difficult to understand.

4 Secrets to Selling a Home Over Asking Price: Advice to help you get more for your home.

Marketing your home.

Marketing your Home: After establishing a list price with your real estate agent, it is important to market your home so it sells as quickly as possible.

Home Staging: What is home staging? How can it benefit you?

What Is an Open House? A Chance For Sellers to Showcase Their Home: Learn more about open houses and how they can boost your selling prospects.

Tips and advice.

Tips for First Time Home Sellers: A list of tips that are specifically for first time sellers. These tips from experienced sellers help first time sellers understand the market and prioritize properly to ensure fast effective selling.

13 Tips for Selling Your Home: Home advice from Reader’s Digest to help you sell your home.

Selling your Home Quickly: Learn more about selling your home quickly, especially if you have time restraints for selling your home.

Selling your home is an exciting and sometimes challenging time for everyone. Experienced real estate agents can take a lot of the stress out of the process. Finding a local agent who is not only professionally experienced but knows the area well is the first step to effectively selling your home. Linda Archie is a great choice for anyone in the Thousand Oaks/Ventura County area. She is not only an experienced professional, she is also a local who knows her way around real estate in Ventura County specifically. Learn more about her and her real estate team here.