Communicating With Your Real Estate Agent

It is important for you and your real estate agent to work together when selling and marketing your home.  Marketing your home for sale

In order to best serve you, your agent will want to learn more about your plans and housing priorities.  Discussing the points listed below will help your agent understand your goals and help you build a strong working relationship. Marketing your home is effective and easy when you have considered what makes your home special. Your agent can better tailor the home selling experience to meet your needs when he or she knows more about what your priorities are. Consider the points below, written by real estate agent Linda Archie, to help your real estate agent help you.

Discuss the general process and marketing your home:

• How we will work together in the marketing and sale of your property.
• The objectives you want to achieve from the sale of your house.
• The support you expect to receive from me.
• Tailoring the home selling process to fit the characteristics of your property.
• How we will communicate throughout the transaction.

Each home has special features that may interest buyers. Telling me more about what makes your home or neighborhood special helps me find selling points for different buyers.

Tell me more about your home:

• What do you feel are the most appealing features of this home?
• What features does this home have that differentiate it from other similar homes?
• Can we make any changes or enhancements to make your home as salable as possible?
• What do you regard as the most attractive features of the surrounding neighborhood?
• Do you have any special terms or conditions regarding the sale of your home I should be aware of (e.g., items of personal property to be excluded, etc.)?
• Are you aware of any problems or concerns regarding the home or the neighborhood that will need to be disclosed to prospective buyers?

Being open and frank with your real estate agent can be the difference between a home that sells quickly and a home that sits on the market. It helps to find the right real estate agent for your location and your needs. Linda Archie has immense professional experience and knows the Thousand Oaks/Ventura County area inside and out. Learn more about her team or contact her to begin the process of selling your home.