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Agoura Hills

Agoura Hills is filled with beautiful neighborhoods close by the 101 freeway and extending well into the surrounding hills both north and south of the freeway. With a population of about 20,000, the city is in western Los Angeles County, and a lot of people commute into the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles — figuring that the commute is worth it to live in such a beautiful area.

Similar to the case with the city of Westlake Village and the portion of Westlake Village that is actually part of Thousand Oaks, there are two “Agouras.” Agoura Hills is an incorporated city (the 83rd city if you’re keeping count) in the county of Los Angeles. Agoura (no “Hills”) is an unincorporated area next to Calabasas and Oak Park. If that confuses you, no problem — give us a call when you’re ready to house hunt and we can help explain how these issues affect you as a potential homeowner.

In any case, Agoura Hills and Agoura are ideal towns for families, seniors and young homeowners alike. Younger people may in particular be drawn to the area’s vibrant music scene. The Canyon Club has a far-reaching reputation for drawing national-caliber musicians, so you can count on an abundance of entertainment options year round!

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